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Kindle Vellas By Kelle Lima & Crowley Wicker

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Lilith Fletcher

Lilith Fletcher was destined to die on her twelfth birthday. But fate is a matter of chance and choices. What will she do now that a stranger has turned her into some sort of grim reaper to save her life and changed her destiny? A Greek Mythology retelling fantasy world that will bring magic to your life by Kelle Lima.

Season 01 was completed in October 2023. Join the 2k+ thumbs-up club and share your thoughts in a comment or review!

Reshaped By Evil

A Choose Your Own Path Dark Fantasy Thriller!

Samael was cursed by a hate spell while in the womb. He became so evil that nature refused to devour his putrid flesh, soaking with darkness. As he roamed the woods in search of his next victim, the rumors about a Tree Bark Vampire spread like fire during a drought. This interactive retelling of the Dried Corpse (a creepy Brazilian urban legend, aka Unhundo) contains unique mechanics to guide readers to any of its multiple endings! Mature content. TW: Blood, Murder, Violence, Drugs, and more.




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