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Books Crafted For Parents Raising Bilingual Children (English - Brazilian Portuguese)

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Bilingual Alphabet: Portuguese-English

Pages for Coloring, Collage, or Sensory Work

Learn and Practice Brazilian Portuguese along with English as you have fun with this hands on coloring book! Pages can also be used for sensory play, collage, or other art projects.

The bilingual coloring book you were waiting for to practice the basics of the Portuguese language by following the alphabet letters! Extra text with fun fact is also present for each letter, making this a deeper multicultural experience!


This workbook has all the 26 letters of the alphabet (A - Z) used in both languages. Each letter has a word starting with it (for both Portuguese and English), an activity page (to color, glue, or use it in your own way), and an interesting fact about the word (in both languages as well).

Great addition for any toddler learning the ABCs, bilingual children, or even just as a "curious languages around the world" day! If you are a Brazilian parent in an English speaking country it might be an awesome resource to keep encouraging your culture along with the new country's language.





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