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Author Services

I have worked as a Designer for over 15 years and I can help you thrive as an author too!

Note: As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases: when you purchase through links posted here, I may earn an affiliate commission (which comes from seller's pocket and not yours)! See more here!


What you can get from me [PAID]:

  • 1 on 1 consultation: what's next for you ($70/h)

  • Book Mockups & promotional images ($70/h)

  • Amazon Ads review and coaching ($70/h)
  • Translation: English/Portuguese Brazil [$0.2/word]

  • Epub file export if PDF is provided ($70/h)

  • Cover Design ($70/h)

  • Graphics prep for your social media ($70/h)

  • Coloring & Activity pages for your book ($70/h)

  • Book Trailer ($70/h)

  • Wix help: set up subscribe, newsletter, etc. ($70/h)

What you can get from me [FREE]:

[FREE] promo

FREE advertising for other authors on my YouTube channel (from spotlights to full ASL interpreted picture books)

lead magnets

I design freebie pages, sell sheets, and other material that will help you grow your author business! ($70/hour)


Instagram follow back (authors only), book story shoutout, picture book posts when you send a book to me.


Get a 1:1 Meeting ($70/h):

- Learn to set up your book on KDP or IngramSpark

- Wix (help with subscribe boxes, newsletters, etc.)

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What Clients Say:

"Kelle is a children’s book author/illustrator and a talented graphic designer. In less than a week, she created the most adorable Coloring and Activity Pages Package for my upcoming picture book release. Not only was she fast and easy to work with, but she also answered all my questions, and her rates were very reasonable. I definitely plan to use her other services in the near future!"
- S. E. Richey

Author Essentials:


Useful Links For Authors!

Dear fellow author... I Just thought I would share a few software and links that helped me along the way (:

Some free, some paid:


I hope this helps you! For a FULL publishing step-by-step self-publishing with Amazon/IngramSpark guide with links and the entire process, email me ($5 to get access to the document). 



I love making the world a better & more inclusive place!

Online Studies

Help! Do you know ASL?

Volunteers needed in order to interpret picture books (awesome authors around the world gave me their permission to add their books to my library so that I can share them on my YouTube channel). It's inclusive story time on the reach of our fingertips!

Interested? Fill out the consent form and let's keep telling stories!


Support is everything!

A review, subscription, follow, like, comment, or share goes a long way and won't cost you a dime!

But if you are interest in activity books to keep kids busy or on diverse and fun picture books you can make my day with a purchase!

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If you can afford, purchasing my books on Amazon will make my day
(or month... or year... ha!)

And don't forget to support others! What you give will come back to you!
Note: If you are an author, when you add me on Instagram send me a message over there and I would be happy to add you to my story shoutouts as soon as I have the time!

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