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A way to say Thank You. Because gratitude matters.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases: when you purchase through links posted here, I may earn an affiliate commission (which comes from Amazon's pocket and not yours)! See more here!

November is the National Gratitude Month. Celebrate it with us! How? A group of incredible authors got together to make their books free just for you and your little ones - at the reach of your fingertips. Make screen time a bit more than just YouTube. Make it a time to bond and read together by downloading them all for free (and no, you don't need an e-reader, just your phone and the free Kindle app)

Promoting gratitude and kindness as kids grow is essential for character building. How to promote gratitude at home? What to do to teach kindness? Some things you can do as a parent or educator are:

  • Be a role model and reminder as you say please and thank you in your daily life

  • Inspire kids to help others, for example:

    • Volunteer together

    • Make a "to Santa box," which consists of your child putting old toys and books in a box to send to Santa's workshop so he can fix it all up and give it to kids to fulfill their wishes (if you don't want to do Santa, just tell them about passing on those toys and books to help less fortunate people).

    • Share things you are grateful for as part of your routine

    • Create a class or home culture where compliments are natural and warm

    • Work on a gratitude journal or a gratitude jar together (it can be drawing, writing, or even sticker-based!)

    • Work on thank you notes together

    • Make caring and kind holiday cards filled with love for troops, veterans, military families, or hospitalized kids (yes, those are real programs, and they can brighten someone else's life!)

    • Read gratitude and kindness-related books often. Oh! Talking about books, check all free books for this promo (and maybe add a smile to their authors by leaving a review or sharing their book with someone who would love it):

Feel free to check each book individually by clicking the direct links above or below - or even copying and pasting each title in your Amazon search bar (mainly if you missed the free promo and would like to purchase a copy after the promo is over or if you would like to purchase a physical copy of each book):

  • Treasure Chest of Kisses by Sky Eiko

  • The Hand Turkey Book by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch

  • A Yoga Storytelling Adventure: Kauhuhu by Melanie Moyer

  • My Cousins, My Friends by Diana DelRusso

  • Into Justin's World by Heather Lyn Davis

  • Pumpkin Spice by Melanie Hawkins

  • The Blomes and The Smooms and the Impossible Bridge by Heather Lyn Davis

  • Can Grunt the Grizzly Learn to Be Grateful? by Misty Black

  • The Magical Forest by Lauren Kimberly

  • Ruby the Rainbow Witch: Meet the Amber Fairies by Kim Ann

  • Effie's Friendsgiving by Jennifer Morhaime

  • Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love by Kelle Lima

  • Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love by Kelle Lima

  • Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love by Kelle Lima


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