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Merry Christmas!! Snag your "Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas Activity Book" today (:

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

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Today is the new release from the Little Fingers collection!

Most of you know I had some health issues during (and post) my vacation last month, so this Christmas Activity Book was a little late... But guess what?

It's here, and it is children tested and approved!

The little ones had lots of fun testing each activity, coloring, painting, and putting their trees up! I hope your kids will have a blast too! Don't miss out, and grab yours now! Get crossing each day of December's calendar along with your kiddos as you have fun with the activity of the day!


◆ A Christmas countdown calendar (December 1st to December 25th)

◆ 25 Holiday Themed Activities (one for each day of December, up to Christmas Day)

◆ A Christmas tree to put up on the wall (≈ 50 in tall) + decorations (Montessori style!)

◆ DIY Swedish Santa Christmas cards (a full-color version and a coloring one)

◆ Access to exclusive digital files

❤ Get the Advent Calendar: Countdown To Christmas Activity Book:

Why this book?

IT SPARKS THE IMAGINATION - From building your own elf to sensory collages, coloring, hand printing, and building your own Christmas tree. Those fun-filled activities will inspire creative minds in ways you can’t dream of.

IT WORKS ON MULTIPLE SKILLS - Those mind-bending fun activities will challenge and teach your child: problem-solving skills, geography knowledge, memory skills, history facts, pre-writing skills, attention to detail, scissors skills, hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, sensory skills, and more!

IT TEACHES ABOUT DIVERSITY - We are all different, but still the same. This book provides and celebrates differences in all people around the globe. It includes different races, genders, traditions, beliefs… It even has a special coloring page with American Sign Language on it.


  • Cut & Glue

  • Matching Game

  • Coloring

  • Maze Solving

  • Puzzle Solving

  • Hand Printing

  • Tracing

  • Decorating

  • Collages

  • Writing & Drawing

This candy-free, bright, and colorful advent calendar is going to fill the days up to Christmas with excitement and sharpen those minds along the way. Kids will not only be developing motor and cognitive skills, but also work on critical thinking, and creativity! It’s perfect as a classroom exchange gift, and it can be used for homeschooling, pre-k, kindergarten or supplemental learning. An awesome and inclusive activity book for our hands-on learners!

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