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To All The People We Are Connected To, Even Though We Aren't Related

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

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Juju has a very special mission. She's determined to make Miss Rose her nana even though they aren’t connected by blood. This little girl is ready to show the world that to be part of a family, we only need to be connected by our hearts.

Ready? Set. LAUGH & LOVE!

Being blood-related is not the dictator of becoming a family, as you probably know! Juju's fun-loving demeanor is the most naïve and cutest thing as she tries to express how much she loves and cares for Miss Rose. We can be related by blood, adopted, or even love someone so much that they just become related to us in our hearts.

Family is who you love, no matter what!

Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love will be available in multiple languages and formats.

It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many more places!

Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love (hardcover):

Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love (paperback):

Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love (eBook):

Operação Vovó: Um Plano Cheio de Amor (Portuguese Edition Paperback):

Operación Abuela: Un Plan Lleno de Amor (Spanish Edition Paperback):


“Love Like a Child”: How Non-Relatives Can Impact Children’s Lives

People don’t need to be related to feel like family.

Sometimes love speaks as strong - or even louder - than blood.

[Salt Lake City, UT, August 2022] We can only imagine how many people shape a child’s life as they grow. Parents, teachers, friends, and neighbors: they all make an impact on a kid’s academic outcome, on how they handle emotions, and even the way they behave. Any positive relationship can help kids thrive, and those can be carried out for the rest of their lives.

Do you remember the seasoning-like smell on the hands of that nice old lady who watched over you like a grandma? Or your parents’ friend who was just like an aunt and helped you out? Maybe your strongest memories are from the maid’s daughter you were raised with, almost like a sister. Some parents may feel uneasy - or even jealous. They might even say: “Sure, but that doesn’t mean this person is a part of my family!” Maybe it doesn’t… For you. If your child has a healthy relationship with someone like that in their life, embrace it! Those people don’t come around often, but they could stay forever.

Those non-relatives are even more impactful for - according to The United Census Bureau - all of those three million children who don’t live with their parents. Or to those four hundred thousand kids in foster care in the United States alone! Having someone care about us as much as we care about them is exceptional, and it could save a kid’s future.

The picture book “Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love” by Kelle Lima is a perfect read for those who feel they have someone around them that are “just like family.” Through the eyes of a naïve little girl and her fun-loving demeanor, this book shows that we can love people from the bottom of our hearts even though we are all different!


Kelle Lima used to be a teacher while getting her Bachelor's Degree in Design. Then she worked in the educational video games industry for many years. Nowadays, she's an author-illustrator and a creative mom that offers content for parents & teachers.

From coloring pages to picture books (and she's currently working on an MG too)!

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Instagram/Facebook/TikTok: @writerversejourney



Author: Kelle Lima


979-8-9862941-0-0 (EN paperback)

979-8-9862941-4-8 (EN eBook)

979-8-9862941-1-7 (EN hardcover)

979-8-9862941-2-4 (ES paperback)

979-8-9862941-3-1 (PT paperback)

Publisher: Writerverse Journey LLC

Release Date: August 29, 2022

Page Count: 36 (picture book); 36 (activity book)

Trim size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in



Sometimes I tell people, "I have two moms, a heart mom, and a biological mom," or "I have a heart sister"... But people look at me as confused as they can be! So I decided to show the world what a "heart relative" is by telling the story of this cute, naïve, and tornado-like little girl, ha! Our hearts are so big they have space for special people in them: family is who we love!


No. It is its own story and world. I actually even explored a new art style, which I didn't love as much as Along Came Oliver, but the big bold lines are cartoon-like and fit the audience... So fingers crossed!


I think the biggest challenge on this one was to accept to release the book when I didn't love the art style, haha! Let me explain: finding a new illustration that would stand out next to Along Came Oliver at the same time it would be loved by little kids was a ride! But I didn't love the art style, can you believe it? But it was picked and re-picked multiple times by my beta readers (all kids - and some parents helping the little ones when they were under 4). So I feel a little odd about this book's illustration lol

Join Juju's journey of love, laughter, and cuteness in the nana's pursuit!


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