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Are You - Or Do You Know - An Author Mom?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

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Imagine what a wonderful thing it is to be a kid figuring out what they will become after they grow up! In this hilarious book, Dona tells you what she thinks an author career means. She examines the actions of her mommy, who is an author-illustrator and enters a new world full of wonders.

Learn about what it is to be an author, or

let a little one brag about their author-mom!

"My Mommy Is An Author: So What Will I Be When I Grow Up" will be available in multiple formats, launching on April 5th, 2023 and it's the first book on Kelle Lima's new series "Career Sparks"

It will be available on Amazon , Barnes & Noble, and many more places!

❤ (Paperback) My Mommy Is An Author: So What Will I Be When I Grow Up:

❤ (Hardcover) My Mommy Is An Author: So What Will I Be When I Grow Up:

❤ (eBook) My Mommy Is An Author: So What Will I Be When I Grow Up:


“Celebrating Moms Who Rock Your Imagination”

When we can be anything - but we choose to be an author and a mom.

We choose to change people's lives with the tips of our fingers.

[Salt Lake City, UT, March 2023] Once, I was told I could not be a mother and have a career. Then I heard there was no way a mom would be able to start a successful business while caring for a newborn. The impact of an old-fashioned society's words can be devastating, but we can overcome all the obstacles and shine above them. Working moms rock, stay-at-home moms rock: all good moms rock!

Celebrate author moms with this picture book (which supports and highlights ten other mothers who write!) - a perfect fit for career day. This story intends to show kids what an author's career is all about - through silliness and seriousness. I want to empower other author moms and make their kids proud of them. I hope this book sparks your child's wildest imagination and helps them cultivate an ability to write amazing stories.

It's time not only to enlighten kids interested in this writer's job - from needed skills to average compensation. But to get them thinking about their future without pressure. Teachers and parents can also use the suggested career-related activities to take the discussion about professions even further.

I truly hope many author moms can relate to the different silly scenarios and that kids can get curious about this incredible job. The picture book “My Mommy Is An Author: So What Will I Be When I Grow Up?” by Kelle Lima is a perfect read-aloud for Career Day or a unique Mother's Day gift for that writer mom you love.


So if your child says "I want to be a kid author," "I want to write a book," or "I want to be a writer when I grow up," this wildly imaginative picture book is the perfect gift for them. Girls and boys ages 4-8 can tighten their belts, start the giggles, and learn about this real-life job. The book also works on girl power (you can be anything regardless of your gender!), and it features a diverse cast - so kids have a chance to relate.

It's the perfect book to read aloud during career day - or even to gift an author mom on her birthday or on Mother's Day: because picture books are not only for kids!

This is the first children's picture book in the Career Sparks Collection.

Watch the cover reveal below:


Title: My Mommy Is An Author: So What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Author: Kelle Lima


978-1-960656-00-1 (EN paperback)

978-1-960656-02-5 (EN eBook)

978-1-960656-01-8 (EN hardcover)

Publisher: Writerverse Journey LLC

Release Date: April 05, 2023

Page Count: 36 (picture book)

Trim size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in


Kelle Lima is an author-illustrator that has worked in the educational field, from teaching to creating educational video and board games for children internationally. Coming from Brazil, she also ensures her native language is reflected in her publications, such as her bilingual activity book or book translations, like Along Came Oliver’s Portuguese edition.

As a driven mom, she wants to help kids learn through fun and to build awareness around different topics. She is multilingual and has teaching experience, which helps balance fun and interactive elements along with learning. From activity books to middle grade and everything in between!

Instagram/Facebook/TikTok: @writerversejourney



Well, my toddler inspired me for this one for sure! Looking at my career from a child's point of view is super interesting - and something I got the privilege to watch firsthand!

Moments like the ones in which my kid grabbed the broken keyboard, put it by my side, and started randomly typing as she said, "I'm working too". Or when she stared at the wall, and I asked her, "What are you doing?" Then, she answered, "I'm working, like you when you stare at the computer." Those are some of the situations that kept on inspiring me to write this book.


In a way, yes. I LOVE Easter Eggs, so I added a "doll version" of Juju (Operation Nana), and I used the "Along Came Oliver" cover illustration process as the illustration that explains how books are made by Dona's mom. I've also added Milky when she imagines herself as a vet while thinking about a future career. This is, however, the first book of the Career Sparks series, which will have multiple books!


Oh wow! I'm super afraid about how to approach sales and promoting this book. It is definitely aimed toward children (but also has adult humor, and I also think author moms would absolutely love having one of those for Mother's Day!) I want to make sure people know this is a fiction book, but it also teaches kids about the author's career as non-fiction, it empowers and supports other author moms, and it suggests individual and group activities kids can do on career day, or think about their future in general.

Join Dona's adventure as she shares her author career notes!


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