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The Perfect Children's Book Set To Help Kids Tame Jealousy!

Updated: Apr 25

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Lilly knows what it’s like to be new in school. So she decides to invite the new kid to play… But jealousy grew inside of her like a balloon being filled up with air. And, as if it couldn’t get any worse, her cat also went missing! Did she lose her best friend and her pet at the same time?

Throughout this amazing journey, Lilly will discover life is full of surprises, and she will see the world in a brand and unexpected new way. Ready to meet her and everyone else in this adventure?!

Order your copy today! Available on Amazon as well as at Barnes & Noble:

❤ (paperback) Along Came Oliver: A Story About Jealousy and Friendship:

❤ (hardcover) Along Came Oliver: A Story About Jealousy and Friendship:

❤ (eBook) Along Came Oliver: A Story About Jealousy and Friendship:

Along Came Oliver is available in multiple languages (and it will be a perfect pair with its activity book - pssst! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive a printable version of the activity book!). To learn more about jealousy and how to handle it:

The activity book helps you teach different tools to handle jealousy triggered by various situations! From envying things to feeling unsettled by the arrival of a new sibling or step-parent.

Get yours at:

Activity Book, Handling Jealousy: Along Came Oliver (English Edition):

Other language editions - perfect for parents raising bilingual or multilingual children:

Então Veio o Oliver (Portuguese Edition):

Entonces llegó Oliver (Spanish Edition):

❤ (French Edition):


Taming the Green-Eyed Monster: Raising Resilient Children

Jealousy can have a negative impact on your child’s life: from isolation to aggressiveness. Teach kids about sharing, social skills, and ways to handle this Green-Eyed Monster as they grow.

[Salt Lake City, UT, April 2022] Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization, over 250 million people worldwide live with depression? Such mental diseases (and other problems) can develop by not addressing jealousy issues early on. Kids should learn that feeling jealous is normal, but becoming overly possessive, behaving aggressively, or isolating themselves isn’t.

Teaching how to handle emotions can be challenging for parents or even teachers, but it’s definitely necessary for a healthy childhood. So having socio-emotional books to support this early learning journey is life-changing. It can give you the opportunity to talk with your child about how they can handle those big feelings.

If your little one is having trouble with their new sibling, or they have constant tantrums because they want things that belong to someone else… They can benefit from various tools such as learning to recognize the feeling of jealousy, using breathing techniques, creating a mood thermometer, and so many others! Don’t focus exclusively on curriculum as you plan your child’s education, raise emotionally strong children for a better and healthier future.

Along Came Oliver’s picture book focuses on the jealousy provoked in a friendship by the arrival of a new student. However, its complementary activity book presents different types of jealousy (from things to people). The latter also teaches multiple techniques to handle these feelings as well as it gives access to a free counseling resource. Let your child learn through fun as you bond throughout this engaging and heartwarming story written and illustrated by Kelle Lima.


Kelle Lima has worked in the educational field, from teaching to creating educational video and board games for children internationally. Coming from Brazil, she also makes sure her native language is reflected in her publications, such as her bilingual activity book or book translations, like Along Came Oliver’s Portuguese edition.



Title: Along Came Oliver, A Story About Friendship & Jealousy

Author: Kelle Lima


979-8-9857051-1-9 (English Paperback)

979-8-9857051-6-4 (English Hardcover)

979-8-9857051-7-1 (English Electronic)

979-8-9857051-9-5 (Portuguese) | 979-8-9857051-0-2 (Spanish)

979-8-9857051-8-8 (Activity Book)

Publisher: Writerverse Journey LLC

Release Date: May 10, 2022

Page Count: 36 (picture book); 36 (activity book)

Trim size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in

Available: Amazon, Barnes and Noble



When I was a kid I had my very best friend... That's at least until another girl started stealing my best friend away! (seriously, I was SO PROUD to say our birthdays were in the same month... That's at least until the new kid and my best friend had the same exact DAY! Seriously who can beat that?! Haha! Well, I wish I had the social and emotional ability to deal with that situation a bit better. I felt like I lost the chance to have another great friend by my side instead of driving the only one I had away. So, I decided to help kids understand their feelings and handle them a bit better than myself. I want to see my own daughter thrive emotionally as she grows!


Nope. Unless you count the activity book or the translations as a series, haha! But let me tell you a secret: there is a series coming soon!!! I can't wait to share about that!


I would say that my first challenge was to make sure the story had a good arc and used the right words for the audience (since my first language is not English). This story went through SO MANY critiques, haha! It was amazing to see it develop and become this amazing book.

Illustrating it was a unique experience, to be honest. The dummy came to me naturally, and it married the text quite smoothly, but the final style... That took a lot of experimentation!

Join this journey of friendship, jealousy, and sharing along with Oliver, Lilly, and Billy!

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