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FREE Building Character Books on February 5-6, 2023!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases: when you purchase through links posted here, I may earn an affiliate commission (which comes from Amazon's pocket and not yours)! See more here!

Got some little ones? On February 5-6, you'll have access to 11 amazing books with "building character" talking points your little ones will absolutely love! Set that reminder and download your books for FREE!

All the books you can get:

  • Operation Nana: A Plan Full of Love - by Kelle Lima

  • Activity Book: Handling Jealousy: Along Came Oliver - by Kelle Lima

  • Oliver and the Wishing Star - by Jennifer Decker

  • The Traveling Book: A book about Little Free Libraries - by Charissa Bates

  • We Find Joy: Cancer Messed with the Wrong Family - by Charissa Bates

  • Effie Goes on a Field Trip (Effie's Adventures) - by Jennifer Morhaime

  • Effie Goes to School (Effie's Adventures) - by Jennifer Morhaime

  • My Very First Friend - by Kristina Sheldon

  • My Friend Toothy: How to Practice Good Dental Hygiene - by Stacey Laviolette

  • Paul the Penguin's Polar Plunge - by Essie Bell

  • Keeping It Cool: Skills for Coping with Change (Kids Healthy Coping Skills Series) - by Dr Melissa Munro Boyd


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