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FREE Reading Activity Pack & Book List (best for kids ages 5-7)

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

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Boost children's interest in reading and introduce them to new learning concepts with this free printable bundle. A fun, cute, and perfect way to track kids' reading, perfect from Kindergarten to Second Grade.

You may have heard of the "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" project, but what happens to kids after that? What about during Kindergarten, First, or even Second grade? This printable is here to help you organize children's reading years, suggest great reads, and work on critical skills and vocabulary growth!

As you know, reading helps develop language, social, emotional, and listening skills. It expands the understanding of the world without needing to experience things yourself, and it stimulates the imagination! So let's get those books ready and keep raising brilliant readers!

Note: this file was updated due to a typo at 1pm on January 20, 2023

Help kids thrive by guiding them throughout their reading year ( ages 5-6 will likely need assistance filling in the printables while older children can use the template pages independently)! This printable contains the following:

  • A coloring quote cover

  • A "Reading Tracker" coloring page: the child shall color as they read. At the end of the year, they count all items they've colored to find out how many books they've read. Print multiple pages if needed

  • A "Reading Scavenger Hunt" coloring page: those are some theme ideas children can explore (but we all know there are many more!) Kids can color - or cross it - as they read one of the suggestions

  • A "Suggested Reads" list: incredible books that help children thrive. Nobody paid me anything to add those books here, but I've personally read them with my child, and I absolutely recommend them. Read their summary on their website to see if that would fit your needs (type their website or scan the QR-Code with your phone).

  • A "Reading Log" fill-in page: help children fill in the book information as they read it for tracking purposes if desired

  • "Favorite Words" fill-in page: those three templates are what a few educators call "a word bank." It will enrichen children's vocabulary as they fill

  • A "Doodle About The Book" page: a blank page kids can explore their creative side. Kids can doodle, copy a character, or even draw a new character or write a sequel! This is a safe space for children to be inspired after reading a book!

  • A "Book Review" fill-in page: this template intends to help children understand the basic concept of a book review, to profile a book, and maybe help them understand their likes and dislikes while reading books

  • "Star Reader" fill-in pages: 8 printable templates of reading award certificates to help boost children's self-esteem. Let them know they are doing fantastic, and they should be proud of themselves

Books featured in this free printable (click below to get the direct affiliate link):


And feel free to connect with me on Instagram/TikTok/Facebook: @writerversejourney

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