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Ready To Go FREE Character Building Lesson Plan K-2 (9 weeks)

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

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Grab & Go Lessons to teach about character education and social-emotional development

file preview and books used in lessons

We hope we made this teaching time easy and enjoyable!

Lesson plans included in this free file:

  • Friendship

  • Helpfulness

  • Positive Attitude

  • Embracing Differences

  • Respecting Items

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Disappointment & Perspective

  • Sleep Recharges You

  • Empowerment

This character education curriculum was developed to help busy educators like you! These lesson plans were crafted to enhance the world around your children by two incredible professionals:

  • Charissa Bates (a children’s mental health therapist and school social worker of 10+ years) developed each ready-to-go lesson.

  • Kelle Lima (an author focused on children's development and a designer for 10+ years) created all the worksheets & activities.

Lessons can be 15 min to 1 hour in length (or even include "take home" material). We added multiple activities in each lesson to meet different needs, so you can personalize the lesson according to your classroom. Our goal when creating these lessons was to bring literacy, character education, social-emotional learning, and fun, quick & easy-to-implement lessons.

Make sure you get the book listed on each lesson beforehand (either type their title, click on the covers below, or scan their QR code):

Then prepare the material, and gather supplies indicated in each lesson, such as crayons, tape, scissors, etc.

We are so glad you found this free resource! All authors in this set paid to have quality lessons and worksheets created. I know they’d appreciate you finding them on social media (many have other free resources, too!) and also purchasing their books. Reviews are always appreciated too.


And feel free to connect with me on Instagram/TikTok/Facebook: @writerversejourney

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